Customer Service

Very pleased with our service, served them well for several years. Would be glad to continue our relationship as it has been a strong relationship

– Ed Gratz

A longtime Quality conscious supply to International Paper

– George Brabec

The team at Golper Supply are great to work with and do not hesitate to go above and beyond to service us.

– Dustin Utschig

For the last 30 years my companies have been doing business with Golper Supply Company. As a mill buyer, a customer, and a supplier over those 30 years, I have been fortunate enough to deal with 2 of the 3 generations (Leo and David) of GSC. Their office professionals and plant staff have just as much experience as the owners of this family company. Golper Supply Company should be your choice for recycling companies because of their ability to be a 1 stop shop for trucking, logistics, grading, processing, baling, cross docking and warehousing for your recyclables. With floor level entry, multiple truck docks and railroad service, any combinations of transportation modes are accepted and possible. Their timely service, industry knowledge and fair payments are why they have been in business so long. I highly recommend you try Golper Supply Company.

– Dave Young

Golper Supply & Scrap Metal recycling have partnered in solving many waste stream problems for many area manufactures. We appreciate the dedication shown to solve tough recycling issues facing us today. For many years Golper Supply is proven responsible recycling company.

– Mike Zastrow

Northwoods Paper Converting’s relationship started with Leo in 2001. Over the past 16 years, we have had a wonderful working relationship with Leo and his staff. Jane is a great communicator with my team and we have had good success working with Golper overall. Golper buys many of our scrap grades of paper and paperboard.

– Chad Abel

During our 18 years in the exporting business, we have worked with all kinds of recyclers from across the country. With precise sorting on different grades and correct loading on every container, Golper Supply is our Most Valuable Supplier!

– Yun Li-Potter

Our company has enjoyed doing business with Golper Supply for 20 years, they are reliable in their service and Jane is a pleasure to work with.

– Anne Rausch

I’ve worked with Golper Supply for many years. Their trucking is prompt, easy to communicate with and they pay their invoices on time. They have been in business for multiple generations and I expect them to be a strong partner in the future.

– Marty Leibforth

Golper has been a great source for wastepaper over the years. Good people and service!

– Joan Wilson

Golper supply has serviced my father’s business and continued servicing his business over 60 years. Very dependable and good to work with. Great integrity

– Bill Struer