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Setting the Standard for Paper Recycling

Golper Supply Company is a paper stock dealer / broker with our own recycling center. We work with businesses throughout the Fox Valley to recycle paper, paper board, cardboard, paper rolls, etc. We pay you for your unwanted paper and cardboard, while keeping your facility floor free of piles of unwanted paper scrap. We offer pick-up service for larger accounts and have bins at our Appleton location for drop off.

To learn more how Golper Supply can help you to exceed your sustainability goals, give us a call at (920) 731-3266.

We Work With

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Paper Mills

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Recycle Haulers

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Newspapers / Printers

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Retail  / Grocery

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Paper Converters

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Moving / Appliance Companies

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Do you have an excess of paper or cardboard or overruns of material you need to dispose of? Looking for a better way to deal with your recycling needs? Complete our quote form to start the process of working with Golper Supply and enjoy services you need with honesty, integrity, and great customer service. If you prefer, please call our office at (920) 731-3266


Our company has enjoyed doing business with Golper Supply for 20 years, they are reliable in their service and Jane is a pleasure to work with.

– Anne Rausch

Golper has been a great source for wastepaper over the years. Good people and service!

– Joan Wilson

Very pleased with our service, served them well for several years. Would be glad to continue our relationship as it has been a strong relationship

– Ed Gratz

Golper supply has serviced my father’s business and continued servicing his business over 60 years. Very dependable and good to work with. Great integrity

– Bill Struer

The team at Golper Supply are great to work with and do not hesitate to go above and beyond to service us.

– Dustin Utschig

Located In The Heart of “Paper Country”

Our recycling plant is completely modernized with railway access inside